Born and raised in North Carolina, D-boy,the second born of four kids,was raised in a single parent home in Fremont NC.  In the 5th grade he moved to Goldsboro where he now resides.  In high school he was introduced to the art of rap and soon became a participant of the schools rap battles.  Never taking it serious.  Unfortunately, during his last year of high school with one semester left to graduate he was sidetracked and  introduced to the “drug game”.  To “hustle”was the only way that he saw fit in order to survive.  There were ups and then there were downs. Hustling was good but going back and forth to jail which eventually turned into prison stays got tired quick.  He finally went back to school finished and received his diploma.  Then he figured “If some of these people in the rap game made it off of their “bs” then he could do the same but only BETTER! He focused on taking his rapping talents to another level, to gain money the “so-called” honest way.  He went to the studio recorded  6 songs and distributed his work and got a response from the streets  that was unexpected and from that day on , there was no stopping him.  Till this day he is still amazed by the positive reaction from the streets and  from that point on he made a conscious decision to take the world by storm!


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