blackfence musicEmil James,  Bronx native of west indian decent from the beautiful island of Antigua.  My first stage performances were in the 4th grade in the early 80’s.  The first one was at my school where me and a classmate had to sing  “My wild Irish rose”  for the principal of the school.  Needless to say we nailed that shit! Now, the second performance was a bit different where I actually shared the  stage with 6 other classmates.  The setting was a cafeteria that subbed as a gym (I could tell because there were basketball rims set up in it). The ceilings were low, I didn’t understand how playing ball was even possible in it but I guess they made it work.  This era was around when RUN DMC and others were beginning to run the world with this new sound called HIP-HOP.

When you attend private school, one of the days you look forward to (outside of days off ) are the days you are able to wear “regular clothes” to school or at least for your classmates to see how you really look outside of uniform.  I had on my pin striped Lees with the ankles pinned with laces around my ankle for that fresh “B-Boy” look and  then topped it off with my shell toe addidas !! What?!! Fresh to death!! I was in full performer mode! Needless to say all of us got up on stage and killed!  We represented our school well! After my 1 hr of fame, it was back to basics.  I always found myself drawing graffiti pieces on paper. I always wanted to go to the train yard and “tag” a train but after I saw Ramone get killed by the third rail in a classic movie called “Beat Street” (a classic hiphop movie that helped us get to where we are today in hiphop) I ain’t have no time for that shit.. MOVING ON..

FASTFWRD>>>>From about 12-14 years of age my parents had me into church where I started hanging with my older cousins and a couple of friends and we formed a Quartet in church .. Yeah, and killed that too. We did all of the things that normal kids did at that point in life, hung out, girls. more girls.  I also remember traveling to a basement party, by train, to Jamaica Queens NY with my cousins.  I still remember to this day, that was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to! This was the first party I ever went to and what seemed like the  walls were literally  sweating! PHIFE ( before he blew up) from the TRIBE CALLED QUEST was there rapping and had the crowd crazy !

FASTFWRD>>>>Around the age of 14-15 things took a drastic change in my life. My parents had issues which ultimately led to their split and my mom and I ended up at my aunt’s house for a bit, just for several months tho.  Mom was a beast had us in a house shortly there after.  At the same time, didn’t realize that it took it’s effect on me seeing so much stuff between them which eventually lead me to the streets, cutting school and running with the wrong crowds.  However, I was always there for the “day 1’s”.

Me and my cousins formed 3j productions and we threw our very first event in a 3 floor club in Brooklyn right under the Brooklyn bridge.  At that time, there was no internet so all promotion we did was hand to hand and building quick relationships.  That night was incredible.  The legendary Ralph Mcdaniels Dj’d that night along with another guy lol.  One of my team members had a contract with DEF JAM and brought in some talent to come perform as well and the women that came! Jeesh! It was a crazy turn out and a fun night! Unfortunately, shortly after I got locked up but 3j productions did another event where Busta Rhyme did a pass thru..I WAS SICK but happy at the same time because we kept it going.  This was around the years 95/96 .  A lot of moves and money were being made at that point but jail kept coming into play.

Once Blackfence formed, jail was out of my system, I went on to do other things. I Started throwing events in the South Bronx on 174th st with Queennasira Sekou where we opened a platform for spoken word, hiphop and other genres of music to flourish. That lead to HELL RELL from that legendary rap group DIP SET to host a couple of the events as well. To managing and promoting various artist

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