#1 RATED in graphics and design
MIKE MEDIA provides A1 HD custom graphics that pop, sing and even move! A MIKE MEDIA work becomes a rich looking, authentic and well thought out marketing tool that allows you to promote confidently for you and your brand. Usually when we sit and watch a YOUTUBE audio/video it’s just a picture in it and all we do is basically listen to it. With a MIKE MEDIA graphic his “still pictures” don’t stay still for long. The song might be fire too but, the way he’s able to connect with the smallest detail is incredible and almost steals the reason why you even pressed play on one his works.

Sometimes small things are big and less is actually more. Mike James the founder and C.E.O of  Mike MediaLLC is showing and proving just that with his craft.

Mike Media isn’t just limit himself to just graphics but also does video and video editing and thus far has assisted in playing a major role in underground super artist DENZIL PORTER that garnered the 2015 TEAM BACK PACK #1 slot bars of the YEAR!

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