B.MORGAN is hands down one of the best TRUE RnB singers coming up in the game at a rapid pace! If you haven’t heard of him yet .. eventually …you will.  B.MORGAN is in the middle of the annual “DAZE SUMMIT TOUR” and has recently just returned from CALIFORNIA from filming his video for his single “SNAP CHAT” that is currently sitting at #10 on the Hot 97.1 “WHO’S NEXT” segment getting rave reviews and in full rotation in the West Coast.

B.Morgan is currently in motion to return back to CALI to finish up his video “THINK IT OVER“, which is his first single from his  debut EP titled #10469. We’ve heard it here at BFMG PROMO.. and.. It’s a classic.. period. However, i the mean time between time B.MORGAN  has released yet another song titled “AIN’T ME” which is a cover song done by.. Here is the thing.. B.MORGAN is to the level where when he does a “cover song” it actually rivals the original. He owns it. J/S..




Singer, songwriter and performer Amos Donnell is an energetic and fearless performing RnB artist, especially when it comes to performing his single “JEALOUS” and the follow up single “SO IN LOVE“. Amos Donnell hasn’t been sitting still either! Running state to state winning competitions and even opening up a baseball game in his hometown of Utica N.Y. with the Star spangled banner! In between Atlanta and N.Y. and recently performing at a string of colleges, Amos Donnell  is grinding doing his radio runs locally but we  don’t see him stopping anytime soon. Watch him!


NiteShine Let’s RoLL has been on his grind crazy as well. Just before going to and performing at SXSW 2018 NiteShine drops a single titled “BUST” directed by: DOLO FILMS. 


TRA-KYNG is on the brink of making a MAJOR MAJOR impact when it comes to this music thing. TRA-KYNG is an incredible RnB singer/song writer that easily sits in the UPPER ECHELON of the UNDERGROUND has recently come off of a tour himself. Also his RECORD “TO ME” scoring in the upcoming PURGE sequels as well! READ more on TRA’ KYNG like and follow!


OBANGA’s non-stop grind has lead him on tour in the past year to MINNESOTA, CALI and even FLORIDA with his hit single “DEAD ASS” produced, mixed and mastered by himself. OBANGA is currently in the studio mixing and mastering Nikki Minaj ex-hubby  SAFARI’s up coming album as well.


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