ON DECK ! Is the Cunning , smart and unpredictable is just one way to describe NORTH CAROLINIAN D-Boy Stacklini who’s versatility is undeniable. Going from the hard facts of growing up in the streets of Goldsboro
to  expressing his sentiments about the ladies! Distinctive vocals, topic consistency ,clear  and not to mention 100% flame spitter is what set’s Stackalini apart from the rest! CLICK THE PIC listen for yourself!

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B.MORGAN is hands down one of the best TRUE RnB singers coming up in the game at a rapid pace! If you haven’t heard of him yet .. eventually …you will …like really soon. With not just one song ,you’re talking hit after hit after hit! Aggressively being booked for performance after performance, on tour  dates and radio appearances quickly lead to the release of OBANGA prod track WDYL (WHO DO YOU LOVE) B.MORGAN  F/ A.I GZZ  and his latest single “SNAP CHAT”! Which is getting national recognition as we speak!





 Singer, songwriter and performer Amos Donnell is an energetic and fearless RnB artist, especially when it comes to performing his single “JEALOUS” and the follow up single “SO IN LOVE”. Amos Donnell hasn’t been sitting still either! Running state to state winning competitions and even opening up a baseball game in his hometown of Utica N.Y. with the Star spangled banner! and other business and artistic ventures being worked on. Amos Donnell is hungry, fearless  and works hard !  I don’t see him stopping anytime soon. Watch him!



NiteShine – Titles Ruin Things: Hip Hop songwriter and artist, NiteShine, has raised the stakes in the underground music world with the release of his newest and third solo project, “Titles Ruin Things“. This project specifically speaks to all those who are trying to find themselves; explaining, exposing, and exploring the possibilities of never fitting in a box. “Titles Ruin Things“, consisting of 12 versatile selections, takes us on a ride from NiteShine’s perspective, living outside of the box and being yourself in any situation in life, from family to friends to love and so on. The two main theme-based selections on the album start the project (Intro) and finish it (Outro) (Titles Ruin Things Part One & Two). In between those hits, NiteShine explains how he, himself, has had to struggle with the stereotypes of being a musician, a friend, a father, and the many other roles he takes on, through tracks like “Faulted Us” “Risk Taker” & “Future”. This album is for anyone and everyone trying to live life the way they want to live, without any classification! This being NiteShine’s third solo album, he plans to touch the world with this one, leaving his fans with a more personal side of his everyday happenings. Just remember… Be yourself! Never conform! Live for you!… “Titles Ruin Things”….

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