AMOS “PROPH” WATSON 1/3rd of the REVO team. Prophs ability to weave in and out of verses effortlessly just proves that he’s not only a triple threat but nothing short of  a natural talent.. Very hard to come by. From subject matter to vocals to the ability to actually write full RnB songs. 

Amos “PROPH” Watson a UTICA N.Y. representer and an incredibly versatile artist/TALENT . The track”The Warm Up” is just him spitting crazy crazy bars basically letting you know that he’s in da building and displaying his effortless way of making a record with swagg and wordplay and basically let’s  you know it while he’s spitting it!.. NO HOOK! Then, there is “RETALIATION” in which PROPH displays his art of story telling, actually an angle that almost seems as if it’s non existent in hip-hop today but this song is so dope that art of story telling is coming back!  


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