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On the rise and covering a lot of ground while doing it is the new  Hip Hop/Rap group REVO hailing from UTICA N.Y. (upstate). All members knew each other from young growing up in the same hood ,going to the same schools etc. Some members were part of the same group growing up and others were just part of other groups.. Some way, some how, it seems like the best out of each group have come together and formed one super HIP-HOP /RAP group! Hey, let’s not get it twisted! Respect due to our SUPER GROUPs such as EPMD, DAZ EFX, and of course our legendary WU-TANG CLAN where REVO actually has their lead single and video for their single “WU-ERA”.

REVO started in 2012 by XQ , yet  another event taken place in a Blackfence studio session by XQ himself. Since then, XQ , PROPH , and TASHAUN a.k.a REVO are ready to go! REVOs music differs  from the rest because its direct artist to listener and their chemistry bleeds throughout their music with tracks like “KILL’EM ALL” produced by Merk where the team goes in and speaks of destroying all of their competition and cover songs “0-100” originally done by drake but REVO goes and owns the beat and gives their angle on it and again making elbow room for their reign to begin.Each member has different views , vocals and thought processes but for some reason they just work! Another quality is that each artist is just as good separate as well as together! All the way down to the producer! So they’ll be here for a while..This is a REAL  hip-hop group no matter what they do.#REVO




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