XQ THE REBEL GAWD is bringing that “old new school” essence of hip hop!

XTRA QUALITY , DARELL “XQ” HARRIS, or just plain XQ either way when it comes to this UTICA NY representer his music reflects nothing less than EXRTA QUALITY.

XQ ,UTICA N.Y. NATIVE and founder of the hip hop rap group  REVO in 2012. XQ does an A++ job in giving his all into every lyric. The ability actually reach out and be so direct and personal it’s incredible!

Records like “WORLD OF SIN ” an instant classic produced by Merk (M.N.T Beats) that go into todays social issues with police brutality and everyday inequalities that we are faced with as a people that still today needs to be addressed . Not from only a pro black stand point but from a human stand point. Also with records like M.A.E (money ain’t everything) produced by “T” (M.N.T Beats) that actually won 1st place on a “Coast2Coast BEST IN NY vol 4” that calls out an awakening to N.Y. in the search for our “sound” ..Where is it? What happened? lets get “it” back.. XQ one of the best lyricist up and coming! Put money on that.. #REVO

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