B.MORGAN … The new line of LUXURY RnB

Desmond Morgan aka B.Morgan Bronx born but of Jamaican decent discovered his talent of singing in the 4th grade. This was just the beginning. His family moved back to the states initially moving to Florida where he was exposed to the hip-hop music and culture and instantly fell in love. Shortly after, his family packed up and moved back to the Bronx in 2001 and this is when B.Morgan caught his stride. 

His blooline consists of singers and entertainers from mom, aunts and uncles so it’s not uncommon for him to have this talent. However, listening to a string of major Jamaican icons growing up like Beres Hammond and Freddie McGregor his interests were also in the sounds of the late great Luther Vandros and Otis Redding to name couple of reasons on why his music is so soulful, meaningful and well calculated. 


IN relentless pursuit of success in 2003 he was signed to Universal records  under the moniker “DEZI B” young and uninformed on how the “music business” was and potentially still is things didn’t work out to its full potential. 

It kind of scared me, just seeing how the business was first hand and not knowing enough to carry myself the way I needed to

He then went into a hiatus after so many things were going on at the same time and the entire situation was completely underestimated. I was just out of it, it was amazing to see how quickly things can go bad 

So he took a step back to reflect and re evaluate things. He reemerged as B.MORGAN with even more tenacity that landed him a deal with VIOLATOR /BACK IN THE GAME MANAGEMENT. With guidance from the late great Violators founder Chris Lightly (R.I.P.) B.MORGAN first project SEX, LOVE & HARMONY was released it got him street stopping attention  by fans/supporters. 


B.MORGAN hit the networking scene running but a bit more seasoned this time around which led him to co-writing songs with well knowns like legend songstress  MARY J BLEIGE, MARIO, SAMMY and even FAITH EVANS! Also collaborations with other vets like UNCLE MURDA, FRED THE GODSON, TROY AVE and the entire rap group THE LOX with spins from DJ DREW SKI and shout outs from EBRO of HOT 97 one of the leading radio stations in NY  (on video). Keep in mind that these are just to name a FEW of his endeavors! With that said, B.Morgan has grown to be more than just a singer. With incredible writing skills (obviously) but a healthy risk taker when it comes to fusing HIP-HOP and RnB mixed with Reggae and even Trap sounds he covers a lot of ground. Then on top of all that, he has OBANGA as his producer… smh…#differentlevel #sonicallysound #bfmgpromo


Tony YaYo of G-Unit 

Fred The Godson

Troy AVE

Uncle Murda


Writing & Co- writing CREDITS

Mary J Bleige, Mario, Faith Evans , Sammie, 




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