Antonio “OBANGA ” Paul potentially could  be one of best up and coming crooner, writer and producers of our time. Born and raised on the Island of DOMINICA which is located between the islands of Guadeloupe (north) and Martinique (south). OBANGA has been playing instruments since he was 8 years old in church and has had the passion for music ever since he could remember.

Arriving  to the United States at the age of 15, Obanga ended up going through his own share of hardships of being homeless and having to sleep on New York City buses and trains. A point that he reflects on in his self produced song  “NO TYE” f/ Prezi Coke . However, keeping those times up front motivates him to NOT want to go back to those nights.

 “LIFE INSPIRES ME TO CREATE MUSIC” The drums were Banga’s first love when it comes to playing instruments but since then, he’s taught himself  keyboard, bass and guitar thus allowing him to expand his sound and create on a different level. Not only that, he mixes and masters his own sound as well. The people who inspire him matches his sound in terms of LEVEL. However, Obanga’s sound isn’t signature. You’re liable to hear  RECORDS produced, written, co-written, mixed and mastered ranging from  RnB, Hip-Hop, Reggae to Calypso sang by himself OR other artist and the ONLY way you’ll be able to know it’s an “Obanga” sound is through his stamp in the beginning of his beats.

His biggest  inspirations are iconic figures like DR.DRE & PHARRELL as far as great producers and major influences are concerned and super star artist like DRAKE who is one of his favorite artist because of his undeniable talent and level of versatility.

Although those icons are at the top of his list OBANGA also says  “There are a lot of ENGINEERS and musicians that motivate my ear sonically and creatively.” Right now Banga is paving his way into undeniable success and showing no sign of stopping either. #BFMGPROMO #STAMPED #NATURALTALENT





Bass guitar


Uses any system as long as he can find the buttons






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