The History



Blackfence Entertainment founded in 2006 . What started out as a “dare” to build a home studio is now position to being one of leading promotional platforms that assist in artist development and promotion .

Today BLACKFENCE MG. ( MUSIC GROUP) is an entity that caters to the

development and nurturing of the “SERIOUS ARTIST”. We are committed to the success of our qualified artist as well as being committed to the quality of aesthetics and integrity of the company.

Emil James founder AND C.E.O  of the BLACKFENCE ENTERTAINMENT/MG started in a small town  in THE UPSTATE area of Utica NY. . After about 7 days of non-stop work my very first studio was built. However, once finished  I didn’t even have a name for it. So, one day, while backing out of my driveway in deep thought  basically trying to think of a name that fit for the studio . I kind of backed up into my neighbors fence, not doing any damage or anything.. eehmm.. but the fence was white .. “BLACKFENCE ” and it was done…

PRIOR TO IT ALL: Things weren’t always perfect. Before reaching this point, as we all know, LIFE has it’s twist’s and turns that basically mold us to who we are today and how we think. At one point I was in the streets, doing “things”. During my last stay I was lucky enough to get around some “old heads” (a term used in ref when speaking to a person considerably older than you and hopefully wiser) that let me know that I can do something POSITIVE with my talents and visions.

As I opened up the label side of BLACKFENCE ENTERTAINMENT THE BLACKFENCE MG (MUSIC GROUP). I found an artist by the name of OH-NO and if you notice the background to this page or the “HOME PAGE” you’ll find his sketch or an actual pic. In my opinion, would’ve been one of the best among the greats as we know them BIGGIE, 2Pac etc.. Unfortunately just as things were on it’s way Oh-No was shot and killed. The full story sucks but ultimately  lead to a pause in the progress (R.I.P KHADAFI “OH-NO” RAMEN) Something like Puffy losing Biggie Smalls and a great friend so then you can imagine how I felt and his loved ones felt..


Today Blackfence Music Group is made up of highly experienced business savvy individuals that  specializes in and or affiliated with many avenues needed to be taken for successful artist development.  From production, recording, editing professional bio’s, OFFICIAL RADIO spins , OFFICIAL MAGAZINE  placement  E.P.K (electronic press kit) provision, email blasts .Anything to do with the prep of the “SERIOUS ARTIST” .  We also put together compilation cd’s of musical works consisting of various artist and genres of music including but not limited to R.n.B ,Rap & Hip-Hop from different artist and producers working together.

Our goals are similar to other agencies but our styles differ in the fact that we go into the studio with our knowledge, experience and passion and assist our artist into making great music from beginning to end. Pairing them up with producers/bands that fit their style of artistry .We challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and regular genre from time to time as well.

Another benefit is that we focus primarily on the “RAW TALENT” at home that has to have the same passion equivalent to or more than the gift that they obtain. Our focus is to basically get the artist groomed and prepped for the music industry for listening and observation at the next level.