ALBERT “PREZI COKE” MORE, known to his peers as “Presidential Nitti” known to his closer friends as “NITTI“, but to the world, we will stick with PREZI COKE.

Born June 11th, 1987, Prezi lived in the High Bridge area of the Bronx raised by a single mom with 2 older siblings. However, the North Bronx is the area that raised him (White plains rd/ Boston rd). There he  attended  EVANDER CHILDS HIGH where he played both Football and Basketball and was known as the “class clown” and was loved by all of his peers. 

However, things weren’t always easy especially being the youngest of 2 older siblings. Prezi began hanging with an older crowd, selling drugs and robbing in order to survive by the age 15. By age 20 he was locked up doing 3 years in prison. Unfortunately, during his tenure in prison his 1st child was born, but to make it worse, so was the mother of his child.

He was determined to not go through that experience again. While incarcerated, with a bunch a time to think and re-evaluate, he began to get in tune with himself as a man and as an artist. Confident in his vision he came home to his child’s mother and they gave birth once again in 2011 and there is where the sense of urgency began with his focus on becoming one of the best rappers around.

Inspired by Legends like Jay-Z , Biggie Smalls and 2Pac he wrote his 1st song “Cold Blooded” (this was before his incarceration ) but once home and Grinding his SOLO mixtape titled “Dear Rich America” that gained major local attraction that deemed him the persons to be reckoned with in the BX. Even more notable projects was his musically collaborative efforts with Zoo Gang  (a popular movement in the BX).

 Today PREZI has been collaborating with  arguably the best producers in the BX  in OBANGA. He is currently working on his next project titled “BRONX TALE “. #BFMGPROMO #STAMPED

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