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BlackFence Music Group LLC was founded by Vaughn James in 2006 and started out as Record label to some of the most talented undiscovered talents. After the realization that there is much more work to this game than just making great music, we then decided to transition to the Multi-media company that we are today. One of our motos are "find a void, fill the void and create value" and this is what our actual work is based off of filling voids and creating value. We then transitioned into an 'umbrella" comprised of well versed professionals with a combined experience of well over 20 years in the game. We specialize in effective marketing and promotional strategies set to exceed client expectation and satisfaction. We've also forged and maintained exceptional relationships that allows us to be even more effective for our clients. In todays climate of constant change and development being at an all time high and showing no signs of slowing down it's our duty to stay abreast as to what's going on! However, one of our strengths are connecting the dots. All of our clients are different and require different types of attention when it comes to getting the job done. Another one of our focuses are media runs and brand awareness. Although we deal a great deal with musical artists but, we also encourage brands to get the nurturing and exposure that they've worked for and deserve. Blackfence Music Group comes well equipped with their own platforms to start with! Hoodmedia.NYC which is our content platform that boasts its own website while "The Indie Rollout" is our Interview platform that is hosted by the amazing "Rema The Great" who carries an amazing contagious energy and unique style! Blackfence Music LLC deals with the echelon and we are committed to those who are committed.

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