TRASHAWN MILTON GARVIN aka TRE’ KYNG is another natural talent that is a mixture of everything that we’ve ever heard thats hot when it comes to RnB music. A complete package none the less. Trashawn “TRA KYNG” Garvin was born in Detroit but moved  to the Flatbush section of Brooklyn N.Y. at the age of 12 to be raised by his grandparents due to an alcoholic dad who found himself in and out of prison  and his mom who  battled drug addiction to crack cocaine


He began singing at the age of 9 but really fell in love with it when he realized that his talent worked for him with the young ladies during his high school years. “If they loved it, I knew it was something.”  😀

To add more flame to the fire,   January 24th, 2009 @10:45 pm, TK’s grandmother to which he was staying with when he came from Detroit had passed on, and the following year, almost to  date but 2 days later January 26th 2010  his grandfather went on to pass too. R.I.P

However, these tragic incidents didn’t break him down. As a matter of fact, it made him stronger. TK relocated to Tuscaloosa, Alabama at age 23 to finish his schooling at Shelton State in 2016.  Since then, TK hasn’t stopped. Inspired hugely  by Michael Jackson but “pushed” by singer/song writer Tre Song, Tre Kyng tapped into his inner self and kept pushing.

Since Then:

TK has recently finished up on tour, he’s opened up for  Fetty Wap  and has received his writing credit for famed producer and song writer NEYO not to mention his single titled “TO ME” was scored in the new PURGE movie. TK is currently working on his debut project and has recently released his hit single “EASY WIT IT” that is currently on Spotify and all  major platforms  doing numbers. Go check that out. #TheKynginTra #ATRAKYNGNATION #BFMGPROMO  



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