Trashawn Milton Garvin aka Tea’ Kyng is a naturally talented singer and songwriter that is a complete student of RnB. His humble beginnings began in the City of Detroit where he was born. Tra started singing at the age of 9 while in Detroit but ended up relocating to the Flatbush section of Brooklyn at the age of 12 with his grandparents in his due to family struggle and drug abuse.

He really started to like singing when he realized that all the ladies loved it! “If the ladies loved it, I knew it was something”!

On January 24th of 2009 Tra Kyng lost his grandmother and 1 year and 2 days after he lost his grandfather both were his guardians at the time of their passing. However, Tra didn’t allow it to stop him from growing. He then relocated to Tuscaloosa, Alabama at age 23. Reuniting with family allowed him to finish his schooling at Shelton State College in 2016.  Since then, Tra Kyng hasn’t stopped. Inspired hugely  by Iconic singers like Michael Jackson, Neyo and Usher he’s managed to put himself in co-writing positions with the legend Neyo, rnb singer Erick Belinger and even opening up for Fetty Wap!


Tra Kyng has been working on his up coming EP Titled: Prince 2 Kyng with the first single being released from the project is called “Titles”. Titles is nothing short of one of those special hit records in more ways than one, especially the fact that entire record is sang in a falsetto. This particular record from his project addresses the idea of having a “Title” on a relationship. The thing is, some will say of course there is a reason to put titles on a relationship! However, there are some, both men and women who will beg to differ. Let’s not put s damper on “Black love” and where it is going and where it should be especially in this crazy world we live in today. He is all for it! This record and project is just his story being told the way he wants to tell it but you got to listen.. It’s amazing..