D.BOY Stackalini is one of those rare type of Southern LYRICAL artist that does it all from his OWN production, mixing and mastering to the booth…  Entertaining but realistic and relatable content that one would automatically gravitate to. These are just his “skills” the “gift” is… He doesn’t write. 

Born and raised in North Carolina, D-boy,the second born of four kids,was raised in a single parent home in Fremont NC but relocated to Goldsboro NC during his  5th grade year and where he currently resides .

His introduction to the art of rap came during his early High school years and before he knew it, he was entering his lunch room school rap battles. Like many other artist, D.Boy never really took music seriously  until noticing that these “other dudes” that he considered “trash” were making a way for themselves but putting out BS! So Being the hustler that he is, he made a decision to not only do what these other guys were doing but to do it better! However, survival came first…

And then this happens...

D.Boy ended up dropping out of in the last semester of his High School year due to his introduction to the drug game. With short stays in and out of jail with a little mix of prison time D.Boy realized it was time to take this rap thing to a different level… The “so called” honest way…

Almost immediately after his short stint in prison and determined to not return, D.Boy went and finished his education, hit the studio and recorded a 6 song CD titled: “JACKIN BEATS” but un beknown  to him was the overwhelming response that he would receive from the streets once he released the project. From that time on changed his entire perspective on doing what he does best with the scope of taking not only the streets but the world by storm..  #BLACKFENCEMUSICGROUP #VONDAMEENT  #STAMPED



Song writer(RnB , hip-hop, rap)

Production ( Trap/Southern /RnB)

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