Blackfence Music Group LLC is a Multi-Media platform that serves as an Umbrella to two very active entities and also facilitates content through affiliated platforms.

What we do is, We Customize strategies for your brand, music or product to be marketed and promoted through our umbrella platforms as well as the multiple platforms that we are affiliated with. This is what we call our “media run”. We also make sure that you have all pieces in place for you to have smooth transfers of information to each platform (Bio, Press Kit etc). 

Our Media Runs stretch over a course of an 8- 10 week timeframe. Throughout that time, you will be interviewing and getting write-ups from us and affiliated platforms. You will also be being promoted at a minimum of  3x a week in company FB and IG platforms respectively. This process deems to be very effective, because in some instances, we create the content for you by editing and submitting it to you for your platform as well as being placed on company platform . This keeps your audience entertained and engaged with what you’re doing. At the same time, each interview and platform you reach throughout your campaign allows you to be exposed to new audiences.  

Be advised, this is not an overnight process or meant for you to “blow up” within 24 hours. Things are done on an incremental basis because it’s effective when an audience consistently see’s you over a course of time. During our consultation or intake  process, we  gather all the information that we would need. We then plan, prepare and then execute!

So lets go over this again:

  • Get Free consultation 
  • Pull Information on what’s needed for your brand
  • Devise a strategy 
  • Send you an Itinerary of your future events
  • Execute

Schedule your Free consultation TODAY! Lets get you seen and heard!