Desmond “B.Morgan” Morgan is probably one of  the most versatile and talented singer/ songwriters that we’ve seen coming from the Bronx in a long time, maybe ever! With over 10 years in the “music biz” Morgan is not new to the music biz by any stretch of the imagination. B.Morgan has worked with, collabed with, written for some of your favorite artists today!  Stepping into his own with major releases like “YKTV” (You Know The Vibe), Str8 Jacket and his latest release titled “BANK” that is a grown and sexy admiration to our beautiful women of the world.



B brings that soulful Hip-Hop rnb vibe that is remnant of the golden era of the 90’s but yet current and nostalgic. A true student of music in general. B.morgan leaves no rock unturned when it comes to his vibrant sound. It covers all basis of listening and hearing great music! We’re looking forward emergence in his musical dreams and success !