Darrell “XQ” Harris is one artist that stands on his own when it comes to his sound and hip-hop culture. XQ, which means “Xtra Quality” is from upstate Utica New York which is just a little south of Syracuse New York. He brings that nostalgia 90’s vibe but still manages to carry a current clean vocal with pungent and profound messages that you can envision through every bar that he spits.

Xq is currently working on his already completed, long awaited EP titled “Slave 2 Society”. Honestly, the Slave 2 Society project could very well be a classic album. With production from incredible up coming producers like Merk and King Benny (producer from Mobb Deep) that seen the vision and contributed to this masterpiece. Be on the look out for his 2 first single: “World of Sin” and “Alright”