Although we have similar  functions of a label. We are more focused on he development of the artist.


Artist development is a very, very important part of becoming a well rounded artist. That comes along with ediquate, performance rehearsals, radio runs punctuality etc. The purpose for all of that is to capture a great commercial presentation but yet authentic for music professionals and even labels to take notice.  BFMG PROMO targets the”movers & shakers”


What we’ve noticed is that “artist” normally don’t like dealing with “back office stuff”. As they shouldn’t. Especially seeing the technical side of things. The majority just want to “create” content. What we’ve also noticed is that when you go to other sites or even youtube, its very easy to get distracted because of so much other content on said platforms.

It’s similar to: If you had a choice of having your child being taught in a class of 50 students or a class of 25 students? I would pick 25 students because it should create a more intimate setting and creates the environment for more effective learning.. So with that said this is what we doing.


We pay attention to what the artist “DOESN’T” have.. and closer attention to what’s needed. This is why once you are actually  on this platform things can get a bit clearer for the artist(s)/brand(s) with very minimal to no distractions. Here you can also find exclusive industry events and discounted events if you are subscribed.

Also another great thing about being with BFMG PROMO is that the artist will have options on purchasing certain things OR via “agreements”. The artist is also be closely looked at for sponsorship through our affiliated companies and a bunch more opportunities.

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